It’s Lucky G to the rescue!

Talking about depression is a hard topic in today’s society, even though it shouldn’t be. Talking about it to children may seem an even more daunting task. Author Amy Wilinski-Lyman is taking on that challenge with her raven with a Ph.D., Lucky G! It’s Lucky G to the rescue as they go to Australia to […]

5 Stars!

Based on the artwork, I went into Lucky G. and the Melancholy Quokka with a preconceived notion of what I was about to read. I thought it would be an entertaining story with some talking animals, and that the author would barely scratch the surface of a serious topic. I had no idea that Amy […]

Bob Rich reviews Lucky G and the Melancholy Quokka

I have reviewed several other therapeutic children’s books published by Loving Healing Press, so my expectations were high. I was not disappointed by Lucky G and the Melancholy Quokka Aimed at 5-8 year old children with diagnosable depression, this little book has two components: first the illustrated story with rhyming couplets simple enough for a […]

Review from Lydia (aged 6) on

Lucky G and the Melancholy Quokka is the story of a raven named Lucky G who helps other animals feel better when they are sad, mad, or just not feeling right. Lucky G gets a call from his friend Drew in Australia. He flies over there and finds out that Blue the Quokka is feeling […]