Small Steps to Big Time Survival

I believe in accidentally on purpose. The idea that there are really no coincidences, just the intentionally unintentional and the road not yet travelled. Bear with me. I am going somewhere here.

Recently, I was in a chat with my friend John.  John lived in the U.S. up until a month ago when he lost his job and returned to New Zealand. Today, John is tired. Tired of being unemployed. Tired of living with his family. Tired of the pandemic. Even though his country has little effect from the virus, he is tired for the state of his world. Our world. So tired, he was having a bit of a hard time with the daily routine.

John is not alone.

2020 has been a hard year. Some of us have lost loved ones. Others have become ill. Most  of us are confined to our homes, cut off from society except for masked trips to the store or work. Many are jobless or working from home. Kids are doing school from the dining room table. That’s not normal.

So what can we do? As John  and I were speaking, I shared a tool that helps me get out of bed.  As our conversation carried on even further, that one step evolved into a three-step approach I really hope can help you. And me.


Think of three things to be grateful for. They can be as simple yet important as living to see this day, having an able body to get out of bed and eyes to see the world in its full glory. You can be thankful for your loved ones, your warm home, your cold, clear water, anything. It is your list.


Think of two ways to improve your current situation and bring more joy. In John’s case, he was preparing for job interviews and looking for a place of his own. It can be anything related to self-care: drinking more water, eating more healthfully, taking that step to get your body moving. Two. That is all.


What is one thing to look forward to? Today, I am expecting the arrival of hardcover copies of my book. I am so psyched to see how they turned out.

Find a fabulous new recipe. Schedule a Zoom chat with a friend. Buy yourself some flowers. Snuggle your furry friend. Maybe adopt a furry friend.

As I shared my new method, my friend Kaitlyn shared some insight with me. Something I hadn’t put together. She said it’s like looking in terms of the past, present, and future. She is so right. Gratitude for the past, action in the present, and anticipation and hope for the future.

3.2.1. Live. Start Today. I am. Right here at my computer. I am still in a robe. Baby steps my friends, You can log your 3-2-1s in a journal, stick it on the fridge, sticky note it to the bathroom mirror. Whatever works. We are in this together. We’ve got this!

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