Love the One You’re With

Okay. Let me preface this post with this. Valentine’s Day is a day I historically loathe, ever since I was a little girl. We used to decorate our shoe boxes and wait for the sweet sentiments to pour in. I was anxious about how many I would get, who would skip me, and who would not reciprocate my loooove for them. Enter 2021. Guess what? I am in a new relationship. I am actually excited. Here are some suggestions whether you are dating someone else or your bestie for life, you.

  • Date yourself. I have done this many a time. Grab your favorite take-out or whip up your most amazing dish. Indulge yourself with a DIY facial mask,  something delectable  to drink, choose a favorite flick, read that book you’ve been wanting to dive into or just chill. How often do you really get to relax?
  • Date your friends. How about a little Galentine or Palentine’s Day? Invite your buddies over for a game night or a movie night or play socially-distant games over Zoom, Discord, or Jackbox.  On another note, you could put together sweet goodie bags and deliver them to your friends. Secretly, if you like.
  •  Do something wild. So, this may still happen. Since 2002, I have been the proud owner of a gorgeous wedding gown. In a box. My daughter really really wants to see herself in my dress. I had visions of her walking down the aisle someday wearing this satiny, Swarovski crystally, cream, corset backed beauty. Now, I am thinking screw it. Let the kid have fun.
  • Flip the Script.  Okay. You may think this is so weird. My guy is going to cook me dinner on Sunday. That’s not the weird part. Here it is. He is going to make the signature dish of my ex. Chicken Marsala. I honestly don’t think I have eaten it since we parted ways. T knows this. He knows I am looking for new memories. He is cool with that. Tap into your past. Create a new present and future.
  • Spend time with your romantic love. If you happen to be in a relationship, ease the pressure. Do what makes you happy. There is no rule book. Be specific if you want something from your partner. As for me and my guy, we will eat a lovely dinner, then watch a really cool performance given by my friend EJ and the talented theater group she’s in. That is a pandemic perk, taking in all sorts of cultural experiences through the wonderful world of technology. Check it out: Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays
  • Learn your love language.  No, I don’t mean Italian! Love languages are how we prefer to show—and be shown—love. T and I speak similar love languages. Singles and couples can take the free quiz here! Love Languages Quiz

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a mini-Minnie Mouse card ready just for your shoe box. I love you all!

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