Book Update

Hi! It’s Amy and Lucky G flying in with some interesting information about our new book…coming really soon! Did you know there are people around the world working to bring Lucky G and the Melancholy Quokka to life? In Slovenia, a man named Michal is putting all of the words and pictures together on pages. He is called a graphic designer. Where is Slovenia, you ask? It is a small country on the continent of Europe. Only two million people live there. Further down under, five million people live in New Zealand! That’s where our web developer named John lives. John is building a great website that we know you will really love. Here’s another interesting bit. New Zealand is really close to Australia! That’s the setting for our latest Lucky G book. Our quokka is at a zoo in Australia. Back in the United States, the publishing process is taking place between Lansing and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Leela Green, our illustrator, and I are in Lansing. Our publisher, Loving Healing Press, is only about an hour away in Ann Arbor. So, you can see, there are many miles among all of us but we are putting each page together with you in mind! Wow, right? Have a fantastical day!!!

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