Back to School: A Scared Sheep’s Story

Dear Lucky G, Like so many other students, I’ve been at home learning on my computer since the pandemic began. Soon, we will be going back to the real classroom. I am so worried about this! What if I get sick? What if I am sick and get my teachers sick? What if my friends […]

Do me a Favor: Please Leave my Party!

Now that the gold dust from New Years has settled, the party is over. 2021 has begun! What a bash! You may even have some lingering guests? What’s up with that, you say? You had a COVID-safe guest free evening? Oh, but there WERE guests. Let me explain.  In 2012, I participated in DBT, or […]

Revolve not Resolve: Put a New Spin on Life in 2021

It’s that time again. Time to take stock in the year. Time to plan for the next one. Resolutions. Just mentioning that word gives me a migraine. If you are like me, your resolution graveyard is full of the bones of good intentions gone bad. We make the list. We post it all over our […]

Best Slipper Forward

Good morning beautiful. Four years ago, I received that beautiful text. I had gotten it many times before, from my husband. This time, it was indeed also from him. Yet, it wasn’t for me. They started dating almost right after we separated. To add insult to injury, the text arrived moments before we stepped into […]

Holiday Survival

As Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, it’s important to remember this isn’t the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. For some of us, this year will be especially difficult. From my family to yours, here are some holiday survival tips: 1. Remember, it should be the thought that counts. Today […]

Pandemic Anxiety: Tales From a Former Tail Chaser

Dear Lucky G, My name is Flynn. I live in the United States with my human friend Len. Lately, Len and I are having a rough time. Len used to go to work and when he did, I got some time to myself. I really looked forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love […]

Small Steps to Big Time Survival

I believe in accidentally on purpose. The idea that there are really no coincidences, just the intentionally unintentional and the road not yet travelled. Bear with me. I am going somewhere here. Recently, I was in a chat with my friend John.  John lived in the U.S. up until a month ago when he lost […]

How Lucky G Came to Be

TRIGGER WARNING – SELF HARM. Inspiration Part One To understand how Lucky G came to be, we need to take a journey. It will not be pretty. But it needs to be told. Much like the vines in this photo, it is going to take a lot of different directions; but also like the vines, […]

An earful of trouble

Dear Lucky G, My name is Oliver. I am a Dumbo octopus. I have a big problem. A stingray named Sammy is being mean to me. He makes fun of me a lot.  I am actually named Dumbo after the cartoon elephant with the really big ears. My fins do look like big ears, but […]