Back to School: A Scared Sheep’s Story

Dear Lucky G,

Like so many other students, I’ve been at home learning on my computer since the pandemic began. Soon, we will be going back to the real classroom. I am so worried about this! What if I get sick? What if I am sick and get my teachers sick? What if my friends don’t like me anymore? What if I don’t like my friends anymore? What if my teachers don’t like me? There are so many what ifs. I cannot even count enough sheep to get to sleep. Oh, also I have not been able to get in to my favorite wool stylist, Chelsea. That’s why my hair looks sheepy shaggy. This pandemic has been so hard. Can you help me?


Shana the Sheep

Dear Shana,

You poor ewe. You sure have a lot on your mind. Yes, I am here to help. Let’s tackle your worries, one by one.

What if I get sick? Everyone will be working to do their best to keep you safe. The science shows schools are not super spreaders of COVID. You will also wear a mask for the school day. You will also socially distance from your peers. There will be a lot of sanitizer and disinfecting. You would not be returning to school if your family, school, medical professionals, and government leaders did not think it was safe

What if I am sick and get my teachers sick? Much like during this whole pandemic, there will be a lot of temperature taking. If it is too high or you are not feeling well, you stay home. Just like a regular school day. Again, you will be wearing a mask and social distancing. Your school’s custodians will be hard at work, as usual, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Be sure to tell them thank you.

What if my friends don’t like me anymore? Why wouldn’t they? You are the same kids who have been learning on the computers together. I am sure they have missed seeing you. If you are really concerned, tell your friends what is on your mind. They may be having some of the same thoughts as you. If your friends decide not to like you in person, they were not good friends from the start. Be sure though they are just not scared and acting differently because of it. You are not alone in your worries.

What if I don’t like my friends anymore? Same rule applies. Why wouldn’t you? Your friends are your friends, whether you can see them in person or not. I have one wonderful friend named Staci. Sometimes we go months, and even years, without seeing each other. When we get together, it’s like we didn’t miss a day. Your good friends will stay with you, no matter the circumstance.

What if my teachers do not like me? That’s an easy one. Your teachers will love to see your faces, even if half covered by masks. They have really missed you, even though they will share some of the same worries. You can always talk with them. Counselors are also there to get children and staff through this back-to-school transition. You will all get through this together.

Shana, I hope I have been of help to you. I am so excited for you! Please send me a new picture after you get in to see Chelsea. I understand. It took me a year to get my new do, too.

Love, your friend,

Lucky G

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