Punxsutawney Phil: Sudden Case of Stage Fright

Dear Lucky G, You know what it is like to be in the spotlight. It’s tough, but it never used to bother me. Until February 2021. This year, the world is waiting to see if there will be more winter or an early spring. With the pandemic, there is pressure for warmer weather to get […]

An earful of trouble

Dear Lucky G, My name is Oliver. I am a Dumbo octopus. I have a big problem. A stingray named Sammy is being mean to me. He makes fun of me a lot.  I am actually named Dumbo after the cartoon elephant with the really big ears. My fins do look like big ears, but […]

Pandemic Anxiety: Tales From a Former Tail Chaser

Dear Lucky G, My name is Flynn. I live in the United States with my human friend Len. Lately, Len and I are having a rough time. Len used to go to work and when he did, I got some time to myself. I really looked forward to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love […]

Back to School: A Scared Sheep’s Story

Dear Lucky G, Like so many other students, I’ve been at home learning on my computer since the pandemic began. Soon, we will be going back to the real classroom. I am so worried about this! What if I get sick? What if I am sick and get my teachers sick? What if my friends […]